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Why Choose Our



Our Greenhouses have SGS & European CE certificate, passed China’s national material fire and earthquake disaster tests.

Our greenhouses is super fitable for any CANNABIS MEDICAL PROJECT, house in vacation, leisure and entertainment, children education etc.

Coordinating with the colorful patterns and diverse shapes, it could catch the eyes and hearts of visitors at the first time.

With the latest technology

Our GREENHOUSE product adopts modified graphene EPS as the main material. Modified graphene EPS has the advantages of low thermal conductivity and high strength. Graphene is the nanomaterial with the highest hardness and the highest toughness found so far.

Graphene is compounded with styrene (SM) after being modified by a special process, and added to EPS materials can increase various functions such as heat insulation, strength, flame retardancy and so on.

The fastest greenhouse
The module is used to build the greenhouse. The structure is simple and can be flexibly lengthened and widened.

The most insulated and comfortable greenhouse
The wall thickness is up to 18 cm, the insulation is equal to 1.5M brick wall, which could make the inner temperature maintain 18-26 centigrade degree.

The most soundproof greenhouse
Each cubic meter contains 3-6 million independent closed bubbles, and the amount of air contained in the bubbles is greater than 98%, so the sound insulation effect is the best.

Longest life house

The most earthquake-resistant and disaster-proof house
firmly resistant to 12-level typhoon, 7-level earthquake and 2 meters of snow.

It is extremely portable, even in the event of a super disaster, it can ensure that your plantation or people inside are not harmed. Relying on the physical curvature of the arch itself, the internal unsupported room is also stable enough. In rain and snow weather, the rain falls naturally along the arc, which can minimize the backlog of snow on the house.

O Processo de Instalação


Estudo e orçamentação


Importação e transporte


Execução e Instalação


Plantação e otimização


Qualidade e Garantia

Queremos contribuir para a criação de um projeto MEDICINAL de valor aos nossos clientes, através de orientações estratégicas adequadas e orientadas para o mercado, disponibilizando informação de marketing determinante para o sucesso dos seus negócios, através de metodologias inovadoras.

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